September 29, 2019 FAHA Annual Meeting and Picnic

The meeting was brought to order at 4:30 by Jeff Miller, who welcomed our new homeowners:  Janelle and Tom Noller, Joanna Shaw with Anders Wiggum, and Jason and Meghan Downing to our community.  It’s great to see lots of young faces joining us….and kids, too! Jo and Anders have a 3 year old and Tom and Jennifer Osmundson have a newborn.

Election of New Board Members:  Jeff introduced the current Board to the homeowners. Four board members, whose two-year term is ending (John Tomlinson, Andy Karmy, Keith Hendrickson, and Mark Owen) have agreed to continue on the Board.  Jeff opened the floor to any volunteers to serve on the board.  Having heard none:

Proposed by:     Mike McGahan
Seconded by:     Arthur Berkell
Motion made:   To accept the four Board members for an additional two-year term.
Approved:          Yes, unanimous (except for JT)

Association Agreement: Jeff began the discussion of the progress on airport acquisition with two thoughts: “Strength in Numbers” and “Control through Ownership”.  For the benefit of newer homeowners, Jeff gave a quick summary of airport history going back to 1975 when Stan and Virginia Nesland sold the airport to Norm Grier and Bill Lardent. Easements were set in place at the time of sale. The first 25 years there were no additional fees to homeowners to access the airport as the purchase price of the lot covered expenses. The next 25 years, 2000 to 2025, participating homes support the airport by paying ½ of taxes, fees, and maintenance annually. After the year 2025, there was no requirement for there being an airport.  Our current right to access the airport will terminate on December 31, 2025.

John Tomlinson presented a Power Point Presentation of the FAHA Board’s current concept of airport acquisition and key aspects of the association agreement as of this time.

The Association Agreement document is very close to being ready to present to the homeowners for review and eventual signature. A small number of homeowners had been asked for their review and comments.  The draft documents are available currently for any member to review.  Additionally, all FAHA Board meetings are open for anyone wanting to attend. The equal share approach to ownership was reiterated. The concept of a Contingency Loan was introduced; as much as one million dollars; 10 homeowners X $100,000 have at present verbally agreed to participate at the time of airport purchase.

The meeting was opened to questions and discussions from the floor

One homeowner suggested that FAHA might want to start collecting funds now but was told that FAHA would not want to have the “investment” responsibility but would rather have the individual homeowner do their own investing now for the future cost.

Surface Water Management:  Jeff Miller discussed the issue of the county’s surface water management and its impact on airports and aviation across the state. Specific to Crest/Norman Grier Field, it appears that the county has been under charging the airport for the surface water in the past few years.  It went from $4,808 to $23,957.   John Tomlinson has investigated the rates and found them to be correct. Surface Water Management became the major component of the total $38,958 tax bill for 2019 of which we the homeowners pay half the bill.

Neil Bryant asked to say good bye to our association.  He’s enjoyed his time in our community and has various items for sale.

At 5:38 Jeff Miller adjourned so we could eat!

Respectfully submitted,
Robbi Broussard

75 in attendance (representing 48 Homeowner lots) in Eversole’s Hangar

Board Members present:
Jeff Miller (2012), President                        Telephone 253-639-1915
John Tomlinson (2013), VP
Robbi Broussard (2012), Secretary
Janet Gundlach (even year), Treasurer
Andy Karmy (2017)
Keith Hendrickson (2017)
Rex MacLean (2018)
Mark Owen (2017)

Board Members absent:
Mike Werner (2018)

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