August 19, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was brought to order at 7:15 by Jeff Miller.

The minutes of the last Board meeting on June 4, 2019, were included as an attachment to the email reminder for tonight’s meeting.   A motion to approve the previous minutes was made and accepted.

Proposed by:     Rex MacLean
Seconded by:     John Tomlinson
Motion made:   To accept the minutes of June 4, 2019 Board meeting.
Approved:          Yes, unanimous

Treasurers Report:  Jeff reported in Janet’s absence.  There are no changes to report from previous board meeting.

Jeff also reported that Rikki is unhappy with golf carts on airport property after 5:00 pm. JT indicated that he did not believe golf carts were driven by members of FAHA.

Normandy Aircraft Picnic: The June picnic, financed and arranged by Normandy Aircraft, was well attended with excellent weather, and considered a success by all participating.  Thanks to all the volunteers that helped with tables and chairs. And thanks to all the homeowners and outside guests that brought airplanes to the ramp for display.

The Association Agreement:  The primary meeting agenda was to review and edit the Association Agreement draft.  The following changes were made by the board:

Preamble.  Board members expressed a preference of having a cover letter included with the Association Agreement; this, instead of inclusion in the body of the Association Agreement text. The preamble sets out the desire, purpose, and expectation of the airport purchase as a community.

Some suggested that an appraisal would help give some reality to the figures in the document.  Also suggested the date 1.1.2025 be changed to 12.31.2025.

5.1.2.  Board members prefer the term “Contingency” over “Backstop” Financing.  We need to include verbiage to say what will trigger “contingent” financing. “ In the event that the number of participants will not generate sufficient funds to make the xxxxxxx outlined in 5.1.1, then a contingency….”

5.3.  Discussion of Special Assessment and what it would include. Further discussion and refinement required.

5.6.5.  The Board voted the entire “Opt Out” section be deleted.

5.6.6.  The Board unanimously agreed that there should be no “Initiation Fee” to ownership transfer to Opt-In homeowners. Section 5.6.6 of the presented draft was deleted.

5.1.  Considered redundant. Deleted.

Proposed by:     John Tomlinson
Seconded by:     Andy Karmy
Motion made:   To set October 6, 2019 for Annual Picnic (if okay with Eric Eversole)
Approved:          Unanimous

Next Board meeting:  Monday, September 23, 2019 at 7:00.

Proposed by:     Andy Karmy
Seconded by:     Mike Warner
Motion made:   To adjourn at 9:30
Approved:          Yes

Respectfully submitted,
Robbi Broussard

7 in attendance at Broussard’s Home

Board Members present:
Jeff Miller (2012), President                        Telephone 253-639-1915
John Tomlinson (2013), VP
Robbi Broussard (2012), Secretary
Andy Karmy (2017)
Mike Warner (2018)
Rex MacLean (2018)

Board Members absent:
Janet Gundlach (even year), Treasurer
Mark Owen (2017)
Keith Hendrickson (2017)

Leone Tomlinson


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