October 7, 2018 FAHA Annual Meeting and Picnic

The meeting was brought to order by Jeff Miller with a welcome to all neighbors who were in attendance.

Jeff brought the membership up to date with Board activities during the last year, specifically, the change for FAHA legal representation from HIP, Law Group to Ledger Square, whose attorneys, Jason Whalen and Shasta Kelly, have a better understanding of our particular needs as an airport homeowner organization. Although the Association agreement is still in the works, the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws are close to 80% complete.

Jeff announced changes in home ownership:

  • Grindstaff home has sold (Keith Reichow is the new owner and in attendance at the meeting)
  • Bob Johnson’s home is being prepped for sale
  • Rosemary Smith’s home has sold (new owners Loren and Michelle Kutz)
  • Jan Mitchell’s home (on 296th) is being prepped for sale

Jeff introduced the current board and announced that Doug Matuska and Keith Littlefield will be retiring. Rex MacLean and Mike Warner have agreed to serve on the board along with continuing board members, Jeff Miller, Janet Gundlach, and Robbi Broussard. Jeff invited additional nominations from the floor for the board. Having heard no additional nominations:

Proposed by:      Andrea Chay
Seconded by:     Eric Eversole
Motion made:    To Accept the slate for the FAHA Board: Rex MacLean, Mike Warner, Jeff Miller, Robbi Broussard, Janet Gundlach
Approved:           Yes

Treasurer’s report: The current balance is $27,186. The Board is happy to announce that it appears that no additional assessment will be necessary for the near future.

John Tomlinson gave an updated Power Point presentation showing the goals and objectives the FAHA Board is working on in anticipation of the airport purchase. Additionally, he demonstrated how to navigate through the new and improved Crest Homeowner Website.

Jeff then allowed Ken Kellogg (who had distributed letters to attendees prior to the meeting) the floor to read and discuss his alternate idea for airport access. He would like to suggest that we negotiate an easement with Rikki, believing that it would cost less than the purchase option. Discussion followed, siting pros and cons of both options. Overwhelmingly, owners feel that we already have the pathway to ownership. According to Mike Warner, attorneys always say: “Get it in writing!”, and we already have it in writing.

Jeff invited all homeowners to share their ideas, concerns, and questions to the Board. He reminded them that the Board meetings are open to anyone wishing to attend.

The meeting was adjourned to commence with the picnic!

Respectfully submitted,
Robbi Broussard

62 adults in Attendance representing 43 votes with numerous proxy votes available at Eversole’s Hangar

Board Members present:

Jeff Miller (2012), President         Telephone 253-639-1915
John Tomlinson (2013), VP
Robbi Broussard (2012), Secretary
Keith Hendrickson (2017)
Andy Karmy (2017)
Keith Littlefield (2012)
Doug Matuska (2012)
Mark Owen (2017)

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