July 16, 2018 Board Meeting

The meeting was brought to order at 7:07 by Jeff Miller.

  • Motion
  • Proposed by:      Keith Hendrickson
  • Seconded by:     John Tomlinson
  • Motion made:    To Approve April 15, 2018 minutes
  • Approved:           Yes

A letter (see below for a copy) was received by many Crest homeowners from Frank and Debra Parsons (174th Ave SE) expressing their extreme frustrations regarding Earl Soushek. Earl owns the 17 acres accessible from 176th Ave. who has had questionable business practices. The board discussed the situation but has limited authority beyond raising awareness among members and directing complaints to the appropriate King County Authorities. The letter from the Parsons is included as an appendix to these Board Minutes.

Janet Gunlach gave the Treasurer’s report.

Three homes are soon to be renovated and put on the market. Now is a good time to talk up Crest as an aviation community and encourage pilots to move to our community:

1) Bob Johnson’s house; 29902 SE 176th Ave. SE

2) Rosemary Smith’s house; 17607 SE 297th Pl

3) Jan Mitchel’s house; 17614 296th ST.

Jeff Miller and the Documents Committee have received first drafts of documents from Ledger Square Law firm regarding airport purchase/operation. John Tomlinson reported that there were two documents in draft form:

  • Homeowners Association Agreement (tying individual property to airport ownership)
  • By-Laws (necessary update to accommodate airport ownership)

Line by line discussion of the Association Agreement followed to assist the Documents Committee in evaluating the first draft. Much boiler-plate verbiage was eliminated as it does not apply to our situation. One important proposal: A sufficient number of homeowner signatures on the Association Agreement should be required to trigger the agreement. Another session with the attorneys is expected soon. The Board expects to have 2nd draft documents ready for discussion with homeowners at the general meeting/picnic.

The picnic is scheduled for Sunday, October 7th. Eric Eversole has made his hangar available. John Tomlinson has agreed to preparing an updated power point presentation.

We plan to have elections at the annual meeting on October 7th. Doug Matuska has expressed his desire to retire from the Board.

A neighborhood Garage Sale is scheduled for July 28th.


  • Proposed by:      John Tomlinson
  • Seconded by:     Keith Hendrickson
  • Motion made:    To Adjourn the meeting
  • Approved:           Yes

Respectfully submitted,

Robbi Broussard

12 in Attendance at Broussard’s Home

Board Members present:

  • Jeff Miller (2012), President                        Telephone 253-639-1915
  • John Tomlinson (2013), VP
  • Robbi Broussard (2012), Secretary
  • Janet Gundlach  (even year), Treasurer
  • Keith Hendrickson (2017)
  • Andy Karmy (2017)
  • Molly Littlefield (2012)
  • Leone Tomlinson
  • Dick Broussard

Board Members absent:

  • Doug Matuska (2012)
  • Mark Owen (2017)

May 1, 2018

Dear Neighbors:

My husband and I have lived in the Crest Air Park area for 24 years. We live outside the homeowners association area but we want to make you aware of a problem we are ALL facing.

A man named Earl Soushek, at 29517 176th Ave SE, Parcel #0121059017, purchased this 17 acres of land back in 2006. He also owns a business named Crest Development LLC. The property is zoned as Residential. He has a permit with King County to build a house with attached garage and a 12,210 sq ft detached garage. Over these 12 years, he has barely started his house, and his detached garage is nothing more than a very large, unsightly, unfinished metal frame. He also has an accumulation of debris/building materials that have been laying around for years.   He seems to be using this land as a staging/storage area for his trucks and equipment. Why else would he want such a huge detached garage? He starts up his diesel trucks and heavy equipment in the early morning. He lets them idle awhile, pouring large clouds of diesel smoke into the air. The trucks come and go but the heavy equipment runs on the property all day long.

Mr. Soushek is causing great distress for those of us who border his property! My husband and I have planted trees to block the view of the mess but we hear all the noise from his trucks and other heavy equipment and smell the diesel smoke day after day after day. We can no longer use our own backyard, open our windows or plant a vegetable garden because of the noise and pollution. We run electric fans to help block the noise we still hear inside. He could be bringing down the property values for all of us by operating his business out of a zoned Residential area. We invite you to come to the cul-de-sac at the end of 174th Ave SE and see for yourself.

We have sent a letter of complaint to King County. If you would like to do the same, the address is: Code Enforcement – Department of Permitting & Environmental Review, 35030 SE Douglas St., Ste. 210, Snoqualmie, WA 98065-9266. You can also call 206-296-6680 during regular business hours. For instructions on what to include in a complaint visit the King County web site: https://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/permitting-environmental-review/ce/complaints.aspx                       Your complaint can be confidential but you must state that in your complaint.

Mr Soushek should not be operating or staging his business out of this property. This is a Residential neighborhood. We all have the right to live in peace and quiet. When one of our neighbors takes away our peace and quiet, we must work together to preserve our community. If anyone knows another way to get results from King County, please come forward with that information.

We also invite members of the Crest Flying Acres Homeowners Association to get involved. Many of your members are enduring the truck traffic and noise on 176th Ave SE.

Thank you for reading this plea and we hope it will cause many of you to contact King County to help us.


Frank and Debra Parsons       cell # 206-718-2799  


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