January 15, 2018 Board Meeting

FAHA Board Meeting January 15, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Jeff Miller at 7:07.

Jeff introduced our guests to the Board and brought them up-to-date with the recent decision by the FAHA Board in late December to move from HIP Lawyers to Ledger Square Law. A check for $2500 was sent to them to retain their services. Their rates range from $325 to $250 per hour.

The minutes of the last FAHA Board meeting on December 11, 2017 along with the ”Digital” meeting concerning change in legal representation were sent to all board members prior to tonight’s meeting. A correction was made to the number of members present (10) at the December 11th meeting.   “Digital” meetings may occur in the future, however Jeff and John would like to allow advance notice with a window of time.


Proposed by:      John Tomlinson
Seconded by:     Drew Anderson
Motion made:    To Approve both minutes, as corrected
Approved:           Yes

Neil and Marty Bryant were invited to share the unique concerns that the two homeowners north of 288th have concerning safety for aircraft crossing to the airfield. Currently there are no airplanes operating out of the two homes concerned. Locked gates, the height of fence posts (for low-winged aircraft), traffic safety, were discussed. The Bryant’s are concerned that their easement may not be viable after 2025 and would like to know if there are any guarantees that FAHA can make that would ensure that their rights. Andy suggested that there are several options for improved safety for aircraft crossing the busy road, including lights (similar to the ones by the railroad crossing) which might be controlled through an I-pad or cellphone. Jeff assured the Bryants that the Board will do everything possible to enable residents north of 288th to continue flying.

Kudos to Andy Karmy and John Tomlinson for their outstanding job on the revised FAHA Website. Who is the kid with the goggles? It’s John Tomlinson’s grandson in the Littlefield airplane. Andy would like additional articles and photos for the website.

Janet Gundlach, Treasurer’s report. In 2017, we had Income of $4275 (dues) and Expenses $8360.98:

  • Accounting fees $275
  • Post Office $108
  • License $10
  • Postage $56.15
  • Newsletter $31.28
  • D&O Insurance $902
  • Legal $5712.50 (includes $2,500 prepaid retainer)
  • CPA $1147.50
  • Picnic $108.55
  • Bank $10

Since expenses exceeded dues income (and will continue with our need for legal guidance regarding By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation for airport purchase), the Board discussed an appropriate amount for 2018 Dues and Assessments. The dues would remain unchanged at $40 per year and an assessment of $100 was agreed upon. This assessment is expected cover the majority of legal fees for the year although not guaranteed. We won’t know what to expect until we get an estimate from Ledger Square Law later this year.


Proposed by:      Robbi Broussard
Seconded by:     John Tomlinson
Motion made:    To bill $40 for 2018 annual dues with an additional assessment of $100
Approved:           Yes

John Tomlinson passed around documents spelling out requirements for LLC’s, including annual reports, filed with the State, bank accounts, and annual meetings. He reiterated our need to get updated By-Laws started. A committee, composed of Andy Karmy, Jeff Miller, John Tomlinson, and Mark Owens was created to begin a review and update to Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

Old Business: Doug Matuska needs to approach Rikki for the measurements of a windsock replacement. As explained to our guests, the windsock will be paid for by the Board members individually, and not out of FAHA money.


Proposed by:      Robbi Broussard
Seconded by:     Keith Hendrickson
Motion made:    To Adjourn the meeting
Approved:           Yes

Respectfully submitted,

Robbi Broussard

15 in Attendance at Broussard’s Home

Board Members present:

  • Jeff Miller (2012), President                        Telephone 253-639-1915
  • John Tomlinson (2013), VP
  • Robbi Broussard (2012), Secretary
  • Janet Gundlach  (even year), Treasurer
  • Doug Matuska (2012)
  • Keith Hendrickson (2017)
  • Andy Karmy (2017)
  • Keith Littlefield (2012)
  • Drew Anderson (2015)


Guests present:

  • Leone Tomlinson
  • Dick Broussard
  • Neil & Marty Bryant
  • Bob and Diane Murphy


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